Maithree Child Development Center MCDC is now managed by a Manager / Matron, Asst Matron, Cook and Child Care Aid. Provides comfortable accommodation in large rooms with sufficient ventilation, consisting of Individual beds, clean linen, mosquito nets and celling fans. Well balanced diet of Breakfast, Snack for School, Lunch, Evening Tea, Dinner prepared under guidance of Dietitians / Doctors. MCDC has undertaken the serious task of developing in house children tobe responsible citizens by providing medical, dental, educational and human needs and sending them to good schools in school transport accompanied by an adult staff member

We have become the voice and face of Hope for these children. Voluntary Teachers as well as Paid extra class teachers share their knowledge to children to qualify Grade 5 Examination. Grade 6 and above are given special help in Math, English and related subjects. Special programs are conducted to give all children knowledge in Sewing, Art, Music, Oriental Dancing. All classes are conducted by professionals. In addition, children are encouraged to help in soft duties of the kitchen for them to get to know meal preparation as well as gardening of flower plants and vegetables

All children attend school. Once they return from school, they have an hour's play or relaxing time, after that they start on their home work under supervision of Matron / Assistant Matron as well as by outside teachers assigned. By 18:30 they will be ready for religious observances. Dinner is served at 19:00. After dinner elder children can continue their studies up to 22:30. Bed time for younger children is 21:00

For further, spiritual development, they attend Sunday Dhamma School of Gothami Viharaya adjoining center. We also have a Talent Development Club which helps them to harness their talents in leadership and organizing activities. In addition, they are allowed to take part in various school and Dhamma School activities. Some of them have won awards at school as well as at Dharma School. All children are trained by professionals in Singing / Music, Drama and Dancing

Emotionally and physically disturbed children are also directed to center by Courts and Department of Child Care. The children arrive at center with lost hope. To replace that, our Child Development Centre has become a sanctuary of love, laughter and hope rather than despair for these less fortunate children. We have been able to restore the individuality and dignity of abandoned children through our programs

Our child development center gives abandoned children a path forward in their struggle for wholeness. They have food to eat, clean water to drink, a bed to sleep in and heart felt love to grow and develop in

Every year, the department of child care conducts a competition to uplift the standards of child development centers island-wide and Maithree continues to obtain an 'A' Grade without fail. Here, the centers are evaluated on more than 20 different attributes or areas

Every effort is taken to create a homely environment at the center so that the occupants never feel that they are residing in a children's home. The staff at both the school and the Dhamma School have been very specifically informed that Maithree is not a children's home. Hope for the future is built on a foundation of loving care, adequate nutrition, health care, education and vocational training. These services are combined to provide these children with the life skills necessary to replace fear with love; poverty with self-sufficiency; and despair with hope !

The parents of these kids are allowed to visit them once a week according to legal instructions. With the consent of court, during school holidays, they are allowed to go home. Each year, they are taken on educational / cultural / joy trips. All national events of the country are celebrated at Maithree adding colour to the lives of these innocents. Each year, our kids are encouraged to participate in various competitions connected with the World Children's Day organized by the Child Care and Probation Department. These include drama, dancing, music, oratory, and art contests. ACBC conducts a Sports Day each year and Maithree sends a team to compete. A tent is constructed by each such center / home and it turns-out to be a fun activity for children who look forward to this annual event

MCDC does the utmost possible to restore the lives of these shattered children. The center hires the services of a skilled visiting child psychologist for counseling. A maintenance team sponsored by an ExCo member visits the center to attend to upkeep of interior of the building, garden so that the center is maintained in a commendable state