In Sri Lanka, the poor status of child safety has become a national malady. Interestingly, the true nature and extent of child abuse is never truly reported even in the more affluent countries. Ceylon was one of the pioneers in the world for enacting Children and Young Persons' ordinance in 1938 even before we received Independence. This law still governs the Child Protection regime in Sri Lanka.

The establishment of the Child Protection Society in 1928 under the Patronage of the then British Governor has an important Landmark. By and large, it was individual benefactors who have managed these charitable child care homes and provided the necessary love, care and protection. Seducing or raping underage persons leave psychological scars on children which will retard their growth and full potential. Even the British colonials realized this serious malady as far back as 1928 and established the child protection society which was the first of its kind in Asia.

The mental and moral health of our future generations has to be safeguarded. Giving protection to and looking after the orphaned, abandoned, destitute and those subjected to cruelty and are faced with various disasters and subjected to abuse is the need of the hour. Child Protection Laws, which remained dormant for few years are now been activated by a dynamic NCPA.

The National Child Protection Authority was created as the first governmental organization dedicated to work to secure the rights of children in Sri Lanka. The NCPA have taken several measures to protect Sri Lankan Children from various abuses so far. The 'Child Line' hotline service was introduced by the NCPA, aimed at eradicating child abuse and to come to the defence of helpless children.

The NCPA can be contacted free of charge throughout the day over any telephone network by dialing 1929. A greater number of calls are related to harassments in private and Government schools. The service can be utilised by any person or even a child on any sort of child-related issue such as child abuse, harassment, child labour, and complaints and so on. Children who need counseling can contact the NCPA and they will be assisted by experts to stabilise their mental make-up.

Let us now see the services rendered for the orphaned, abandoned, destitute and abused children of Sri Lanka. There are Children's Homes established and run by voluntary organizations with due advice and assistance and help of the Department of Probation and Child Care Services with a view to providing protection and care for the orphaned, abandoned, destitute and abused children. There are facilities for these children to receive normal education as well. The best way for the growth of a child is to be with his/her parents. Only children orphaned due to death of both parents or those abandoned by parents or those Destitute consequent to deprivation of basic needs, are institutionalized. There are few Children's Homes, established and administrated by the Department to receive and provide protection for Children who have been deprived of living at home temporarily or permanently. Such Homes are located at Panadura, Galle, Bandarawela, Jaffna, Kandy, Pannipitiya, Migalawa(Kurunegala) and Kuruwita (Rathnapura). The national centre for children Training and counselling services.

Social re-integration of children by protecting their rights after they have been given requisite counseling and vocational training has to be done systematically. Since they have been suffering from mental affliction and disorder consequent to various forms of abuse and other social reasons, they have been subject to. The Department makes necessary arrangements to admit children to these centres on the recommendation of the Child Rights Protecting Officers and the Probation Officer's concerned.