who we are

who we are?


Based on the oldest records available the premises had initially operated as a Crèche in the year 1956 and had been privately managed to support the working mothers of the area. It had been first registered under All Ceylon Buddhist Congress (ACBC) as its seventh Child Development Centre on 15th July, 1959 under the name of Maithree Child Development Centre (MCDC). The very first Honorary Secretaries who served the Board of Management of MCDC had been Mrs Bernice Rupasinghe and Mrs Malika Fernando and housed 18 Girls.

In the Year 1987 MCDC had been declared as a Girl Child Development Centre only for full time Residential Inmates. These Girls are recommended and directed to the Centre by the Magistrate Courts when it is proved in Court that these girls are unsafe and not suitable to live in a home environment with lacking of Parents or Guardians care. Some of these Girls undertaken for rehabilitation by MCDC could be children who have been removed from their families due to harassment, abuse, abandonment, parent divorce or separation.

MCDC was temporarily closed down on two occasions in the past due to operational issues in the years 1967 & 2007. In February, 2008 for complete renovations of MCDC, the Children were re-located at Wijewardena Balika Children’s Home in Panadura.

With generous Sponsorships received from few donors headed by Mr Channa Palanasuriya, undertook major renovation works for marked improvements of the MCDC. This included extension of the facility by constructing extended building area and providing better convenient access to the premises from Gothami Road to previous narrow Kuruppu Road entrance as well as ample parking facilities within the premises.

After completing the renovations, the Inmates were re-settled at MCDC with improved facilities and more spacious areas for Dormitories as well as better residential facilities for the employed staff. A new Board of Management was installed by ACBC in October 2008, and the Centre was re-opened on 08th June, 2009, with Mr Channa Palansuriya as its President. Maximum recommended Girls for MCDC is limited to 25 and the residential full time employed Staff to consists of all ladies including a Chief Operations Officer, Matron, Assist. Matron and a Cook to be the minimum Staff. The Board of Management installed with the recommendation of All Ceylon Buddhist (ACBC) annually and the appointed Board of Management is entrusted with the complete responsibility of Administering the Centre including generating funds for day-to-day Operations to cover over-all expenditure of the Inmates and the employed Staff.  

Department of Probation Officers coming under the Ministry of Social Services takes responsibility to visit Maithree Child Development Centre periodically once a month for routine discussions with the Employed Staff and the Manager / Secretary of Board of Management which would further ensure the wellbeing and steady progress of the Girls.  


From 2009 up to 2023 the Centre has been well-governed by Members of the Board Management who are from Senior Management positions, attached to  both Public and Private Sector Institutions. They are voluntarily guiding and assisting the stability and progress of Maithree Child Development Centre. From 2009 to the current Year Mr Channa Palansuriya ( 6 Years ), Mr Jayantha Wickremasinghe ( 2 Years ), Brigadier Mahendra Wijeratne ( 2 Years ) and Mr Tissa Jayaweera have served as Presidents of MCDC.

Mr Channa Palansuriya who has been the President for years from 2009 to 2015, has once again volunteered to take over the responsibility as its President in the current Year 2023. Since 2009 the dedicated Board of Management were successful to upgrade the Centre providing a homely environment to inmates with quality and care to ensure that MCDC would improve the lives of these children spiritually, emotionally with enhanced knowledge.   

During the long history of MCDC now spanning over 62 Years, hundreds of Girls have been fortunate to be under close supervision & care of committed Boards of Management and dedicated Staff over the years to ensure the progress and wellbeing of the Children. These kids have been wonderful and innocent and MCDC very successfully fulfills the task, handing over these girls back to their immediate family members’ after completing 18 years of age, accomplished with greater upbringing to be worthy and responsible citizens of our motherland, when they leave the Centre. 

Maithree Child Development Centre ( MCDC ) is declared as an Approved Charity Organization Incorporated by act No 24 of 1955 coming under All Ceylon Buddhist Congress ( ACBC ) .


Ven. Godamunne Lankananda

Chief Incumbent
Viharadhikari Sri Jayawardanaramaya. Kotte

Mr. Jayantha Wickremasinghe

Ven. Ulapone Sumangala

Chief Incumbent
Dharmayathanaya, Narahenpita
Mr. Chandra Nimal Wakista,
President ACBC


Honorary President:
Mr. Channa Palansuriya

Immediate Past Presidents
Brigadier Mahendra Wijeratne
Honorary Vice President
Mr. N.A.G. Senanayake
Honorary Secretary
Mr. Anura Serasingha
+ 94777321485
Honorary Treasurer
Mr. Arunashantha Herath
Honorary Manager
Mrs. Probodhinie Marasinghe
+ 94773088881

Ven. Dolosbage Shanthanaga

Gothami Viharahya, Borella.

Mr.Tissa Jayaweera
Honorary Asst. Secretary
Mr. Gamini Jayasuriya
Honorary Asst. Treasurer
Mr. Lakshitha Ariyaratne

Council Members:

Mr. Chandana Liyanapatabandi PC
Mrs. Tharangani Keenawinna
Air Vice Marshal Rohan Pathirage
Mrs. Geetha Kumarage
Mrs. Chamani Herath Pathirage
Mrs. Maheshee De Alwis